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Dog Stole My Campur

Dog Stole My Campur from Jesse Adam on Vimeo.

Newcastles Jesse Adam just got barreled in Indo- we'll let him do the talking, read the full story below...

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'Stingy' - Stan Norman

We know exactly what you think you’re getting when you click into an edit of a modern 13-year-old surfer: a redundancy of airs, airs, airs and airs.

Well, Stanley Norman has quite the surprise for you.

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One island. Two teenagers. Too many waves. Simple as the formula may be, it still equates to a grand result. Our boys Len's Arancibia and Rio Waida recently teamed up and rampaged around Bali. Need proof? See below. And take it as a reminder to start planning your next surf trip.

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Goin' To Da League

That’s right. It’s official. Ezekiel Lau is going to the League in 2017. The League, meaning the World Surf League. Or more specifically, its Championship Tour. For Zeke, this is a dream realized. For other CT competitors, it’s a brand new name to fear. And for everyone else, it’s an opportunity to watch progressive power surfing on a whole new level.

In Going To Da League, Zeke explains exactly what this move means to him. He shares bits of his childhood and invites us into his (shaved) head. He provides us with lessons in both Hawaiian history and auto detailing. And, of course, he flaunts that damn fine surfing that got him here.

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Three Minutes Of Fire With Shane Sykes

Instead, we’ll say that it’s going to get you excited. Get you pumped. Get you stoked, possibly. It’ll get you…ah whatever. Press play and get psyched!  

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Snowboarding is supposed to be fun.

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010 snaketales Sunset World Cup

This is it. The last stop. After forty-nine events in twenty different countries, the 2017 WQS season is officially behind up. Want to see how it all ended? The latest edition of Snaketales has you covered, friends.

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Second Time’s A Charm

The forecast didn’t look great — it looked like it could be great, and there’s a big difference between the two. Still, they pulled the trigger. Tickets were booked, boards were packed and a few hours later, Marc Lacomare, Tikanui Smith and Alex Laurel were making their final descent into Dublin. The pot of gold was theirs to find.

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Trunk Talk - Mikey Wright 2016

Mikey Wright rolls with Stab and Surfstitch to present 'Trunk Talk.'

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Peaking: Peter Mel

Ever wonder how men can squander up the cajones to paddle into waves as large as 5 story buildings?

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The Mels: the family that shreds together, stays together

There are some rad surfing families out there, the Rothmans, the Hobgoods, the Wrights, the Fletchers, the Lopezs, the Hos … and the Mels.

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