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Quik Pro Rounds 4 & 5 wrap-up

Round 4 kicked off three-man heats with Filipe Toledo, Joel Parkinson and Conner Coffin. Toledo kicked off heat 1 with a 9.17 followed by a 9.20 then a 10 - the first of the season. Parko and Coffin were faced with combination situations with only a couple of minutes left on the clock. Toledo goes straight through to the quarterfinals with Parko and Coffin to battle it out in round 5.

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Quik Pro Round 3 wrap-up

The waves cleaned up overnight and the surf was pumping in four to five foot conditions with more predictable conditions for the competitors to chase the best scores.

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Quik Pro Round 2 wrap-up

The swell built overnight to three to four foot and kicked off at 7.30am sirening most of the WCT surfers out of the free surf line-up.

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