Highline Pro

1mm wetsuit

The highline pro is a 1mm sealed fullsuit featuring best in class handmade japanese neoprene. With only 9 panels, the suit is specifically tailored to be as light and flexible as possible while keeping you warm. Surf fast. Surf hard. This suit will not hold you back.

1mm japanese neoprene

The best
you can get

Our vision was to create an incredibly light and flexible 1mm wetsuit that could compete with the warmth of a traditional 3mm. We chose a small Japanese factory to hand-make every single Highline Pro suit.

The best<br>you can get

Innovation by subtraction

More panels = more restrictions. That’s why we designed the Highline Pro to have only 9 panels — less than half of what you’ll find in most other suits.

Innovation by subtraction

Tailored entry to eliminate bulk and reduce flushing

We eliminated the zipper, reducing weight and maximising flexibility through the chest. We also designed regular and goofy-foot versions, where the access is on your trailing shoulder, significantly reducing flush during wipeouts

Tailored entry to eliminate bulk and reduce flushing

The lightest and most flexible technology

No stitching. No problem. The Highline Pro is fully sealed via glue instead of needle and thread. This makes it lighter and more flexible.

The lightest and most flexible technology

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Our best wetsuit for your best surfing. It really is the suit for super sessions.

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